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    The Libertarian Illusion

    Libertarians, including militant anti-vaxers, are under the illusion personal identity cards take away personal freedoms. Their beliefs are wrong because they’re based on a series of mistaken assumptions. In the first place, a government identity number, like a Social Insurance Number, does not create a personal identity. Nor does a NAZI concentration camp tattoo nor a modern credit card. We are not a blank slate before we get a birth certificate; we are, all of us, unique. Our retinas, finger prints, biometrics and DNA, are different from that of everyone else. The problem we face, that we have always faced, is establishing our identity, not denying it. We know this…

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    A New Form of Warfare

    We should have seen this coming; the war in Afghanistan has moved from the battlefield to the Internet. RepublicWorld, an Indian news agency, says the Taliban has cut Internet service in Panjshir in an effort to stop the National Resistance from gaining support. It reports the Resistance has been tweeting pictures and videos on the Roshan and Etisalat networks. “Amidst the ongoing war of nerves with the Taliban, the NRF has shared several videos that feature Afghan youth training hard to battle the insurgents. In addition to updating the count of Talib casualties, it also from time to time, shares pictures and videos of global protests held in honour of…

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    And so it Begins

    Kabul [Afghanistan], August 28 (ANI): Heavy clashes are ongoing between Taliban and Resistance forces at Kapisa province, local media reported on Saturday. Heavy Taliban causalities have been reported in Kapisa province, the situation is still developing and unclear so far. According to local reports, the Taliban violated the ceasefire with Resistance Front, resulting in heavy casualties for the Taliban. Reports say the attack was on the borders of Panjshir province, prompting Resistance Front to launch a counter-attack and forcing the Taliban to pull back.

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    Ahmad Massoud, Man of the The Hour

    Every crisis reveals a leader; and so it is with Afghanistan. The chaos, anguish and incompetence in Kabul are sweeping away a century of American leadership like a tide going back out to sea. What value are modern instruments of war in the hands of woke innocents who can’t even organize a dignified retreat, much less a victorious national revival? Not much. As the tide goes out, the true leaders of Afghanistan are revealed, most notably Ahmad Massoud, the 32-year old son of the the “Lion of Panjshir,” Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Here he is, looking energetic and competent, boarding a former Afghan Air Force helicopter, along with Amrullah Saleh,…

  • A Canadian Vaccine Certificate
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    Nationalists Should Love Vaccine Passports

    Libertarians, Conservatives and Nationalists in the United States and Canada have been demonstrating against Vaccine passports. They believe getting a Covid-19, or other vaccine document, will allow the state to regulate their lives. They’re missing the point. Firstly, the word “passport” is more significant than they realize. Vaccine travel documents aren’t new—the one illustrated is from 1969—and for decades were carried with an actual passport to allow entry into countries where various diseases were endemic and vaccinations were mandatory. The Government of Canada, Department of Health and Welfare, Quarantine Service, issued documents called “International Certificates of Vaccination.” These had the name of the person they were issued to on the…

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    The Best Country in Europe: Russia

    I know, this is a big statement to make, but unlike most opinions, this one can be backed up with video evidence you can see yourself. Indeed, after you review the evidence, you’ll have the same opinion I have: Russia stands at the forefront of European countries in providing personal freedom. Before I show you the evidence, let me put forward two axioms. The first has to do with the “broken window theory of crime prevention.” Wikipedia says this about it: The broken window theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behaviour, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and…

  • British Soccer team at Auschwitz
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    Good Times at Auschwitz

    You and most other people think of Auschwitz as a death camp with no purpose except murdering Jews. That’s the postwar view, promoted by survivors and holocaust museums around the world. It’s actual purpose was more mundane, to supply workers for a large synthetic rubber factory, the IG Farben BUNA Werke. This gigantic enterprise near Oświęcim Poland employed 80,000, people, mostly Jews, from three work camps nearby. To keep the workers fit and happy, the camps had recreation fields, a swimming pool, orchestras, theatres, movie nights, and a nursery for the children. This would be perfectly normal for a large factory with a male and female workforce, but it’s unbelievable for…

  • SpaceX launch
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    The Economic Leader

    Every country needs a clutch of economic leaders, companies that dominate, or are internationally competitive in their respective fields. If, to paraphrase Carl Von Clausewitz, trade is war by other means, nations need bigger industries they way they used to need bigger battleships. America has been in the forefront of this movement for more than 130 years with companies like Bell, Westinghouse, Ford, General Electric, Boeing, and now Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and Space X. Other countries are no different: Mitsubishi, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki in Japan; Hyundai and Kia in Korea; SAAB and Volvo in Sweden; VW, Mercedes Benz and BMW in Germany; CZ in the Czech Republic, Rolls Royce…

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    New Perversions of the Left

    When German socialists surveyed their country after WWI, they were shocked at the way nationalism had trumped worker solidarity. Young men, in their hundreds of thousands, flocked to the colors and died in the trenches of the Western Front instead of raising the red banner of revolution in Berlin. As a result, Carl Grünberg, a Jewish Marxist professor of law at the University of Vienna, founded the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), an adjunct organization of the Goethe University, in Frankfurt in 1923. This ‘Frankfurt School’ eventually determined the strength of nationalism lay in its idea of the national family, belief in the patriarchy and idealization of the…

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    Something to Cheer About

    The news these days gets worse and worse, first the virus, then the unravelling of the Great American Republic. For the first time most of us are actually wondering if we’ll have to defend our homes, our wives, and our daughters from the mob. Now we know, now we can feel in our bones, the cold wind of anarchy drifting through the streets like smoke from burning cars. It makes one wonder if there’s any hope, anything to hang onto in this terrible world. Well, yes there is. I give you this year’s 75th Victory Day Parade in Moscow, June 24. It’s a brilliant, warm day, the Russian Army (and…