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    The Economic Leader

    Every country needs a clutch of economic leaders, companies that dominate, or are internationally competitive in their respective fields. If, to paraphrase Carl Von Clausewitz, trade is war by other means, nations need bigger industries they way they used to need bigger battleships. America has been in the forefront of this movement for more than 130 years with companies like Bell, Westinghouse, Ford, General Electric, Boeing, and now Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and Space X. Other countries are no different: Mitsubishi, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki in Japan; Hyundai and Kia in Korea; SAAB and Volvo in Sweden; VW, Mercedes Benz and BMW in Germany; CZ in the Czech Republic, Rolls Royce…

  • Economics,  Natiionalism

    Rebuilding the European Union

    The European Union is in danger of collapse for one basic reason. That reason is that political control is not related to the member states’ economic performance. It you compare it to a family, the kids have access to their parents’ credit cards. The damage was caused in two ways. On the one hand, bankers in France and Germany found they could provide hard currency (the Euro) to countries with a lower GDP allowing them to buy goods made in France and Germany. In effect, the difference between their actual economic performance and the one reflected in the currency was a loan. When these subsequently couldn’t be paid off, the…