• Allied intervention in Russia 1919
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    The Second Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon organized the first invasion, the one illustrated was the second. You will be amazed to know who was behind it, what it was for and who took part. The list of belligerents is impressive: Britain, the United States, France, Japan, India, Canada (yes, Canada), Greece, Czechoslovakia, and many more. While the world was getting over WWI and the Spanish Flu, these Allied armies were trying to crush the Bolshevik revolution. Wikipedia suggests the intervention in the Russian civil war was primarily designed to block supplies getting to Germany. This is dissembling since the intervention continued well after the war was over. No, the real reason was political. The Bolsheviks…

  • Culture,  History,  Nationalism

    The Germany You Never Knew

    Have a look at these women featured on the cover of the German magazine The Young Lady sometime in the 1930’s. Besides being very pretty, they’re also very typical of women on magazine covers in Britain and America at the same time. To add to the experience, listen to the music of the era these women would have been dancing to. Then, if you can stomach it, consider that we tried for five years to kill them in their homes and offices with bombs from the air, and that those who survived were raped and killed on the ground by Russian troops, our rapacious temporary allies. We’ve covered up our…