Taliban Suffers Defeats in Panjshir

The Taliban launched a coordinated attack on the National Resistance Front in the Panjshir Valley last night and suffered multiple defeats. Tass, the Russian news agency, says the Taliban lost over 300 soldiers in the fighting at the entrance to the valley.

According to Republic Media Network the Taliban also attempted to enter Panjshir through Anjuman Pass from Badakshan, however, the response by the resistance forces resulted in Taliban fleeing the area with heavy casualties.

The Taliban lost 40 of their personnel, another 35 of them were wounded,” said Fahim Dashti, a spokesman of the resistance front.

Tolo News in Kabul reported that Dashti said the Taliban attacked from three directions over the last two nights but without achieving any progress.

“More than a dozen Taliban fighters have been killed and more than seven others wounded,” ToloNews quoted him as saying. The same report, carried by quoted the Taliban as admitting they had suffered “heavy casualties.”

If you look at the map, you’ll see that Anjuman Pass is at the North East end of the valley, while the main entrance and main road is on the South West. Clearly the Taliban strategy is to try and split the NRF forces, by attacking both ends of the Province at once.

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