Globalism,  Natiionalism

Nothing’s Quite as Pretty as a Border Fence in the Morning

(Sung to the tune of “Mary in the Morning” by Elvis Presley)

Nothing’s quite as pretty as a border fence in the morning
When through a sleepy haze I see it standing there
Hard as the hail that smashes invasive Morning Glory
Its barbed wire glistening in the bright sun

When I wake and see the migrant hordes behind it
I want to take up arms and meet them
The ache is there so deep, deep inside of me
Nothing’s quite as pretty as a border fence in the morning.

Chasing a dream of leeching off a welfare state far away,
The invaders walk toward our land in the dawn’s first light
When our fence wakes up to thwart them for another day

A steadfast guardian of our liberties and all we hold dear

Our fence is there in sunny days or stormy weather
It doesn’t care ’cause right or wrong
The love we share for our blood and soil we share together
And nothing’s quite as pretty as a border fence in the evening too

Kissed by the shades of night and starlight its thorny wire

It stands ready to repel the endless columns of doom
And as we patrol its length we hold our weapons close beside us
Oh, how tomorrows for a lifetime we’ll share, hmm…

Yes, there’s nothing’ quite as pretty as a border fence at dawn or dusk
With ten thousand female Quislings crying at its feet
Hope for third world lovers will never be their fate
Because our gleaming border fence doesn’t have a gate.


Thank you COVID-19 for awakening the masses

For exposing the perils of globalism and open borders and the treason and treachery of the politicians who promoted it.

For making them realize that first attending to the needs of our nation, our people, our civilization is our primary moral obligation.

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