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Stop International Air Travel

How did the Coronavirus get from Hubei, China to the rest of the world, given that it can’t swim, can’t fly and doesn’t have legs? We’ve all known instinctively, haven’t we? It came in the lungs, on the hands and on the luggage of air passengers arriving at our airports

Now there’s factual evidence our gut instinct was correct. The Daily Mail reports Brazilian researchers have found air travel was the main driver behind the spread of coronavirus. The busier the airports, the more people got the disease and died.

It can help to understand what happened if you think of the virus as equivalent to a hand grenade with the safety pin in place. Three hundred people from Wuhan arrive in Seattle, or Toronto, or New York and spread out in the community. Eventually, and inevitably, some of those safety pins come out and explode. Each explosion kills 3.4 people.

However, unlike a real hand grenade, each explosion creates new hand grenades which also explode. So, in battlefield parlance, the coronavirus is more like a cluster bomb of time delayed mini-bombs. Pretty sophisticated stuff, you have to admit.

Now what kind of damage can something like this cause? Consider the number of civilian deaths in Britain, and its colonies, from WWII, over six years, was 67,100 while the number of deaths from the coronavirus, over one year, is 100,000 nearly twice that number. Or to put that another way; by the end of the year the Chinese virus killed more Britons than all the bombs dropped on Britain by the Germans.

Think of all the efforts the Germans made to inflict damage on the British economy. Now think of the damage the Chinese have inflicted with practically no effort at all. Whether the Wuhan virus was a bio-weapon, or an industrial accident, isn’t the point; just look at what it’s doing! Compared to atomic weapons, biological weapons are dirt cheap.

Let me continue my wartime analogy one further step. The British did everything in their power to blunt the might of the Luftwaffe: fighters, anti-aircraft guns, barrage balloons, radar, searchlights and so on; anything to bring down those planes laden with bombs. What did we do to stop planes from China laden with people carrying the virus? Initially, nothing.

You can see what I’m getting at. It doesn’t matter how a country kills the citizens of another; if they’re dead, they’re dead. What we need to do to stop this happening again is obvious. International air travel, as opposed to air transport, needs to be stopped, permanently.

Allowing international travelers into the country is akin to allowing enemy soldiers with machine guns into the country. Either way, Canadian citizens will die.

People will say you can’t stop progress. My response is enabling an international pandemic isn’t progress, it’s regress. For progress we need strong, secure borders, including our air borders.

Getting into Canada should be difficult, should involve effort, should require a quarantine, and a refundable security deposit; not a simple ticket purchasable in any airport in the world.

For the safety of Canadians, for your safety, we need to end the era of international air travel. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s too dangerous to keep playing biological Russian roulette.


Since I wrote that, another commentator has addressed the same issue, Peter Franklin at UnHerd. He asks, Should we let the aviation industry die? Well, yes, of course. For the same reason we have doors on our houses, to keep out rats, bugs, and thugs.

Updated Jan. 30, 2021

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