Something to Cheer About

The news these days gets worse and worse, first the virus, then the unravelling of the Great American Republic. For the first time most of us are actually wondering if we’ll have to defend our homes, our wives, and our daughters from the mob.

Now we know, now we can feel in our bones, the cold wind of anarchy drifting through the streets like smoke from burning cars. It makes one wonder if there’s any hope, anything to hang onto in this terrible world.

Well, yes there is. I give you this year’s 75th Victory Day Parade in Moscow, June 24. It’s a brilliant, warm day, the Russian Army (and some visitors) are in perfect order. The band starts up, and away we go.

[Get a coffee, this is two hours long! (March past starts at 56:10)]

The irony will be perfect for anyone who knows where all this spectacle comes from, but it’s not irony I want to point out. I want to direct your attention to the organisation, the discipline, to the order expressed in this march past. Washington may be going back into its original swamp, but Moscow seems to be striding high on its.

Who would have thought a picture of organisation would be heartwarming?

That’s how bad things are. We now think patriotism is impossible. But we’re wrong. If we were in Russia we’d see this splendid spectacle.

Something to cheer you on a day of brutal bad news.

And something else, on May 9, in Minsk, a reminder that if our women have drunk the Kool-Aid of progressivism, not all women have. Women’s troops, Victory Day 2020, Minsk, and Again.

If you liked those two versions, here’s a whip-round the entire country with different women’s units all looking extremely smart.

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