Ricardo Duchesne in His Own Words

We’ve heard a lot from Prof. Duchesne’s critics, here are some of his own words, extracted from a Canadian Press interview published by CityNews.

“I want to have my own voice,” he said in an interview. “I believe that’s what Canada is about, to allow debate and freedom of expression.”

“I haven’t done anything wrong, really,” he said. “I’m not racist or supremacist.”

Duchesne, who is originally from Puerto Rico, said he believes the controversy is being generated by his 2017 book Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians.

“I am a strong critic of immigration,” he said in an interview. “I believe that Canada and all western nations have been set for full diversification through mass immigration, and I’m trying to understand why. Who came up with this idea that all white nations must become racially diverse, whereas that’s not happening in Japan, Korea, China, Mexico — only in white nations?”

He called it “a fundamental question” and said his job as an academic is “to ask tough questions and do the research.” He called for a drastic reduction in the number of immigrants accepted by Canada and spoke of the need to “conserve our heritage and culture.”

Aside from his books, Duchesne has also drawn fire for comments critical of Muslims published on a blog he created called the Council of European Canadians. “What globalists abhor are whites who affirm their national identities and call for limits to immigration,” he wrote on the blog in March.

Duchesne said he believes other faculty members are trying to drive him out of the university.

“They don’t like the fact that I’m not playing the role of being a good immigrant who follows and says what the white privileged academics want me to say,” he said.

The full story, with the critics’ comments, is at the link posted above.

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