A Canadian Vaccine Certificate
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Nationalists Should Love Vaccine Passports

Libertarians, Conservatives and Nationalists in the United States and Canada have been demonstrating against Vaccine passports. They believe getting a Covid-19, or other vaccine document, will allow the state to regulate their lives. They’re missing the point.

Firstly, the word “passport” is more significant than they realize. Vaccine travel documents aren’t new—the one illustrated is from 1969—and for decades were carried with an actual passport to allow entry into countries where various diseases were endemic and vaccinations were mandatory.

The Government of Canada, Department of Health and Welfare, Quarantine Service, issued documents called “International Certificates of Vaccination.” These had the name of the person they were issued to on the front, along with their Passport Number. Inside were pages for Smallpox, Cholera, Yellow Fever, and Other Vaccinations.

Each vaccination included the date, whether it was an initial or re-vaccination, the signature and professional status of the vaccinator, the origin and batch number of the vaccine and the stamp of the relevant Health Authority.

The point of all this paperwork was to convince immigration authorities in other countries that you, the traveler, should be allowed into their country. Now, do you see why this is such a valuable weapon in the hands of a nationalist government? It’s valuable because it establishes the authority of a country to bar entry to someone not holding a valid vaccine certificate. How many illegal immigrants, or legal ones for that matter, will be able to come up with a piece of paper, stamped by a health authority with the batch number of an approved vaccine? Not too many, I’d say.

A current vaccination certificate issued by British Columbia

Let me put this another way. Quarantine regulations are really border regulations, and borders are what nations are all about. The introduction, or re-introduction of these certificates would allow Immigration officials to immediately deny entry to practically everyone.

We have already seen countries like Turkey and Belarus, use illegal immigrants to attack their neighbours and cultural enemies. We have seen the Chinese use a virus to damage cultural enemies around the world. Imagine if some country develops a virus its citizens are resistant to, to attack an enemy country.

In that instance, Vaccine Certificates would be critical to the attacked country, as critical as having nuclear weapons and anti-missile systems.

So let’s switch gears, aim our rhetorical weapons at the right targets, and adopt Vaccine Certificates as our biological and national shields.

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