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Progressives, This is Your Fault!

The rioting, arson and looting in eastern South Africa is in its sixth day, as I write. The death toll, mostly from the crushing of mobs, is estimated at 72. No doubt the actual number is higher because civil services are no longer working. Stores have been looted, transport trucks looted, malls have been looted and set on fire. More than 100 mobile phone towers have been destroyed. Police have been attacked. Hospitals looted. Yes, this is what anarchy looks like and it ain’t pretty.

So, who’s to blame? What person or persons are responsible for setting the Zulu nation on the warpath against its Indian, Coloured and White neighbours? Ostensibly, the riots broke out in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces over the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for refusing to testify in an inquiry into corruption during his time in office.

A second theory is that unemployed blacks finally snapped due to covid-19 restrictions and began looting and pillaging.

While both of these explanations are true, they’re not fundamental. The basic reason for the rioting is that black police won’t fire on black rioters. If you go back up this post to the link to the police video, you’ll see police vehicles backing up a street being attacked by a rock-throwing mob. The one thing they’re not doing is shooting.

They’re not shooting because they have black supervisors and they, in turn, are controlled by black politicians. And why is that, you ask? Blacks are running South Africa because you progressives in the U.K., Europe, the United States and Canada succeeded in toppling the white governments who were running the country and the police forces. Apartheid had to go and you made sure it went with boycotts, demonstrations, petitions and elections.

And now you can sit back in your Kensington, Bloor Street and Upper West side patios sipping your Pinot Grigio and congratulating yourself on another woke campaign success while people die in South Africa. You smile because the white man is no longer running things. Well, take a look at what you’ve done. Imagine this happening in your city. Imagine if the man behind the camera in this video was yourself.

Rioters at night

But you won’t will you? You won’t take any responsibility for destroying the most prosperous country in Africa. You won your ideological battle and screw the people who live there. You are despicable.

Your whole racial view that all the races are the same is despicable. They aren’t. This is the evidence. You were wrong. You sniveling leftist dilettantes.

And you want to do the same to our own countries with Critical Race Theory. You won’t win this time. We’re on to you now. We have the evidence and the solution.


The last video is worth more analysis. You can see the armed group is multi-racial, Indian and White. Secondly they’re actually firing at a very large mob in the distance. Thirdly, someone off camera is acting as a squad leader and is telling the group to “save your ammunition,” and to “stop” shooting. He then has them rush forward to intimidate the mob. All this shows a high level of organization and, frankly, bravery.

Durban is said to be the largest Indian city outside India. Indians and Coloureds (mixed race) appear to be ready and willing to join together with Whites to face down the Black (Zulu in this case) mob. There are lessons here for us all.

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