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    How Globalists will Move People off the Land

    If you’ve ever read about Agenda-21―the plan to depopulate much of Europe and North America―you’ve probably wondered how Globalists would do it. Now I know, and in a few minutes you will too. The key development, assuming they don’t go for the nuclear option, will be to abolish traditional agriculture, specifically the farming of domestic animals: buffalo, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys and chickens. The way they’re going to do it is with laboratory-grown meat, now relabeled “cultured,” “cultivated,” or “clean” meat. It’s like a stampede. In 2020, investors poured more than $1.2 billion into startups around the world working on cell-cultured meat according to Crunchbase news. Big meat companies,…

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    The Elites Want Nuclear War

    I realize that’s a hard headline to believe; I have trouble believing it myself. Unfortunately, indications are piling up that point in only one direction: a large number of influential people think nuclear war would be a good thing. No, I’m not talking about the Russians or the leaders of the Communist Party of China, even though they would be unwilling assistants to the general catastrophe. Russia wants the Ukraine back, and China wants Taiwan, but neither is contemplating nuclear war to get them. To understand the growing consensus among our political, cultural, business and military leaders you first have to disabuse yourself of two ideas you have long held…

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    The Grand Sophy

    This charming woman in her fashionable Regency dress and her basket of flowers looks a little like a flower herself. Perhaps her muscular dog with its studded collar hints there may be more to the girl, and to the author, Georgette Heyer, than meets the eye. The issue in Heyer’s mind, and in her many romantic novels, is the relationship between strong women and strong men when the former were restrained by society and the latter were not. Such rules led to surprises. This young lady, for example, rides a “splendid black horse,” Salamanca, and carries a “small, but eminently serviceable pistol.” Georgette Heyer (16 August 1902 – 4 July…

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    You Can’t Dance

    You can’t dance. I know this because I’ve been to enough wedding receptions, socials and bars with dance floors to notice that North Americans don’t know how to dance. They hold their partners and shuffle across the floor, but neither party would know a dance step if it bit them on the ankle. This is actually quite a change because eighty years ago every Tom, Dick and Harry could do the Fox Trot, the Waltz and the Jitterbug, and plenty more knew the Rumba, the Tango and the Conga, among others. I’m making a point here, not trying to be personal. It gets worse. You don’t know how to play…

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    Residential Schools Were a Woke Idea

    The current debate over Canadian residential schools for native children has avoided analyzing the real reason why they were started in 1876 and lasted until 1947. That’s because the idea was shaped by the woke belief nurture (Western schooling) would overcome nature (Native biology). Our Victorian ancestors thought if you take the natives out of their remote communities and taught them how to read and write it would lift up those communities, and the entire native culture, to Western standards. At the time, native kids had no running water, no toilet facilities, no clean clothes, no education and little or no hope for a better future. This is exactly similar…

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    Men into Women, Women into Men

    If you look around you, really look, you’ll see a transition going on in society in which Women are becoming more masculine and men are turning into women. In cities across Europe, in Canada, America and Australia, 30-year old men are riding electric skateboards, playing video games and failing to get a driver’s licence. Women, on the other hand, are flooding into universities and taking up good paying jobs in education, medicine, business, publishing, the arts, and (gasp) the army. They’ve stopped being wives and mothers and have started being primary wage earners. Simultaneously with this infantalization of men is the rise, in entertainment, of women as warriors, mythical creatures…

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    The Libertarian Illusion

    Libertarians, including militant anti-vaxers, are under the illusion personal identity cards take away personal freedoms. Their beliefs are wrong because they’re based on a series of mistaken assumptions. In the first place, a government identity number, like a Social Insurance Number, does not create a personal identity. Nor does a NAZI concentration camp tattoo nor a modern credit card. We are not a blank slate before we get a birth certificate; we are, all of us, unique. Our retinas, finger prints, biometrics and DNA, are different from that of everyone else. The problem we face, that we have always faced, is establishing our identity, not denying it. We know this…

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    A New Form of Warfare

    We should have seen this coming; the war in Afghanistan has moved from the battlefield to the Internet. RepublicWorld, an Indian news agency, says the Taliban has cut Internet service in Panjshir in an effort to stop the National Resistance from gaining support. It reports the Resistance has been tweeting pictures and videos on the Roshan and Etisalat networks. “Amidst the ongoing war of nerves with the Taliban, the NRF has shared several videos that feature Afghan youth training hard to battle the insurgents. In addition to updating the count of Talib casualties, it also from time to time, shares pictures and videos of global protests held in honour of…

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    And so it Begins

    Kabul [Afghanistan], August 28 (ANI): Heavy clashes are ongoing between Taliban and Resistance forces at Kapisa province, local media reported on Saturday. Heavy Taliban causalities have been reported in Kapisa province, the situation is still developing and unclear so far. According to local reports, the Taliban violated the ceasefire with Resistance Front, resulting in heavy casualties for the Taliban. Reports say the attack was on the borders of Panjshir province, prompting Resistance Front to launch a counter-attack and forcing the Taliban to pull back.

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    Ahmad Massoud, Man of the The Hour

    Every crisis reveals a leader; and so it is with Afghanistan. The chaos, anguish and incompetence in Kabul are sweeping away a century of American leadership like a tide going back out to sea. What value are modern instruments of war in the hands of woke innocents who can’t even organize a dignified retreat, much less a victorious national revival? Not much. As the tide goes out, the true leaders of Afghanistan are revealed, most notably Ahmad Massoud, the 32-year old son of the the “Lion of Panjshir,” Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Here he is, looking energetic and competent, boarding a former Afghan Air Force helicopter, along with Amrullah Saleh,…