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    Canada, as a democracy, is Essentially Finished

    Imagine this; a minority party gets the support of a socialist party and gets the parliament to give the executive sweeping powers. Germany, 1933? No, Canada last night. The NDP voted with the minority liberals 185 to 151 to pass the equivalent of martial law. It’s so bad in this country right now that Parliament was cancelled in order to let the police enforce an act, the Emergencies Act, that would allow the police to do so. This is exactly like ordering an execution before holding the trial. And that’s not all. The demonstration was legal and funding it was legal until suddenly it wasn’t legal and funding it was…

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    The Beautiful Peacemakers

    One British Woman, an aristocrat, a free thinker, had a shot at ending WWII before it began, Diana Mosley (nee Freeman-Mitford), one of the six beautiful Mitford girls you may have heard about. Unity Mitford was far more struck by Adolph Hitler than the others, but Diana was also taken with the German dictator; dined with him, was invited to the Berghof, the Bayreuth Festival and the Olympics by him. The two upper class English girls would sometimes sit on either side of him, blonde, blue-eyed, almost twins, the personification of Aryan princesses. Of course, she was subsequently condemned for this, as she was for marrying the British fascist leader,…

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    And so it Begins

    Kabul [Afghanistan], August 28 (ANI): Heavy clashes are ongoing between Taliban and Resistance forces at Kapisa province, local media reported on Saturday. Heavy Taliban causalities have been reported in Kapisa province, the situation is still developing and unclear so far. According to local reports, the Taliban violated the ceasefire with Resistance Front, resulting in heavy casualties for the Taliban. Reports say the attack was on the borders of Panjshir province, prompting Resistance Front to launch a counter-attack and forcing the Taliban to pull back.

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    Ahmad Massoud, Man of the The Hour

    Every crisis reveals a leader; and so it is with Afghanistan. The chaos, anguish and incompetence in Kabul are sweeping away a century of American leadership like a tide going back out to sea. What value are modern instruments of war in the hands of woke innocents who can’t even organize a dignified retreat, much less a victorious national revival? Not much. As the tide goes out, the true leaders of Afghanistan are revealed, most notably Ahmad Massoud, the 32-year old son of the the “Lion of Panjshir,” Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Here he is, looking energetic and competent, boarding a former Afghan Air Force helicopter, along with Amrullah Saleh,…

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    Progressives, This is Your Fault!

    The rioting, arson and looting in eastern South Africa is in its sixth day, as I write. The death toll, mostly from the crushing of mobs, is estimated at 72. No doubt the actual number is higher because civil services are no longer working. Stores have been looted, transport trucks looted, malls have been looted and set on fire. More than 100 mobile phone towers have been destroyed. Police have been attacked. Hospitals looted. Yes, this is what anarchy looks like and it ain’t pretty. So, who’s to blame? What person or persons are responsible for setting the Zulu nation on the warpath against its Indian, Coloured and White neighbours?…

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    How Germany Tried to End WWII

    We all know the official story of how the Deputy Führer of Germany, Rudolf Hess, in a fit of madness, flew to Scotland on May 10, 1941 in a personal attempt to end the war with Britain. He was taken prisoner, convicted of “crimes against peace,” and served a life sentence until his suicide in 1987. It was a tidy if slightly odd twist to world history. If you’ve read our article on how that war started, you’ll realize the official story, like much of WWII history, is pure propaganda. Hess was not on a personal mission, he had the full authority of the Führer and he had the draft…

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    Goodbye to Berlin

    Christopher Isherwood was a British/American novelist and screenwriter whose best known works, Goodbye to Berlin and Mr. Norris Changes Trains, became the basis of the hit Broadway musical Cabaret. Originally, these novels, based on Isherwood’s diaries of his life as a language teacher in Weimar Berlin, were to be part of a larger work to be called The Lost. Instead, desperate for money, he sliced and diced his diaries into a number of articles, the novel Sally Bowles, and these two overlapping novels. Isherwood went to Berlin to see prep school friend and poet W.H. Auden in March, 1929 and moved to the city in November, 1929. There he discovered…

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    Public Health Care is Big Brother

    Critics of state medicine have missed the fatal flaw at the heart of public health care. It’s not the quality of the care, the availability, the wait times, or the cost to taxpayers. The core problem with public health care is that doctors instinctively want to curb activities they deem too risky in order to lighten their case loads. The same goes for health care administrators and the politicians responsible for the health care system. Reducing the risk society is exposed to makes the health care system look good because it has less to do. That, in turn, makes officials look good. The problem with this approach is that all…

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    Did Churchill sleep with his Daughter-in-Law?

    It is well known Sir Winston Churchill did everything he could to influence the United States to enter the Second World War. This almost certainly included having his Daughter-in-Law, Pamela Churchill (pictured), seduce the married American millionaire, Averell Harriman, President Roosevelt’s special envoy to Britain. He also likely had his Daughter, Sarah, get together with the new American ambassador, “Gil” Winant. The two girls could translate their intimate pillow talk with the Americans into private brefings for the Prime Minister, an invaluable source of information on the United States’ intentions. It was while researching those relationships that I ran across some startling, and incriminating, evidence that Winston had intimate pillow…

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    Chernobyl is the Model for the Future

    The nuclear plant disaster at Chernobyl in Ukraine resulted in the evacuation of more than 100,000 people from a 1,000 sq mile exclusion zone due to high levels of radiation. Besides those affected by acute radiation poisoning in sealing the plant, an estimated 9,000 to 16,000 people in Europe will suffer shortened life-spans. So, a bad thing, no? Well, not entirely. An article in the UK magazine, The Conversation, reprinted by the PBS Newshour, says “life is now thriving around Chernobyl. Populations of many plant and animal species are actually greater than they were before the disaster.” The author, Stuart Thompson, a senior lecturer in plant biochemistry at the University…