• St. Peter's sword

    Christ and God Had Armed Guards

    This post begins an occasional series on religion. Many Canadians think they have to be pacifist to be good Christians. This isn’t so and they should understand why. The above image from the church in Gacé, Lower-Normandy, shows St. Peter sheathing his sword after defending the Lord on the night he was arrested on Gethsemane. It’s an odd grip he has on it, his thumb should be against the hilt, but no matter. The more interesting fact is that St. Peter is wearing it from a belt or baldric over his shoulder. This isn’t surprising since an early Roman short sword, an xiphos, copied from the Greeks, was between 18 and 22-inches long,…

  • Politics

    Liberals and NDP Erase History

    Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, says all the major political parties are in favour of curbing free speech. Here’s a note he sent out yesterday to his supporters. Attacks against free speech continued this week in Ottawa. And they come from all the other parties. It started when Andrew Scheer kicked out his MP Michael Cooper from the justice committee for speaking his mind. Then the Liberals and NDP voted to erase what he said from parliamentary records. They are rewriting history, just like in the novel 1984! The Conservatives did not even oppose this. Then all parties voted to remove the video feed when defenders…