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    It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

    The Taliban were celebrating the departure of American forces yesterday declaring the 20-year war was over. Except it wasn’t. The Times of India reported today at least eight Taliban fighters were killed and more wounded in a probing attack on National Resistance forces in Panjshir last night. Fahim Dashti, a spokesman for the National Resistance Forces, said the fighting occurred on the western entrance to the valley when the Taliban attacked NRF positions. He said the attack, which may have been a probe to test the NRF defences, was repulsed, with eight Taliban killed and a similar number wounded. Two members of the NRF were also wounded. This is the…

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    A Tale of Two Bottlenecks

    Afghanistan has a mountain ridge bisecting the country from its centre to the east, the 500 mile long Hindu Kush. This difficult typography means there is only one road connecting the capital, Kabul, with the North, Highway AH76. This, in turn needs a 1.66 mi tunnel, the Salang Tunnel built by the Soviets, to punch through under the Salang Pass. Anyone controlling the highway and the tunnel controls all north/south commerce. The traffic is very considerable, estimated at between 7,000 and 10,000 vehicles per day. According to Spiegel International, anti-Taliban forces have taken over the Highway, effectively cutting the country in half. They were able to do this because the…

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    A New Form of Warfare

    We should have seen this coming; the war in Afghanistan has moved from the battlefield to the Internet. RepublicWorld, an Indian news agency, says the Taliban has cut Internet service in Panjshir in an effort to stop the National Resistance from gaining support. It reports the Resistance has been tweeting pictures and videos on the Roshan and Etisalat networks. “Amidst the ongoing war of nerves with the Taliban, the NRF has shared several videos that feature Afghan youth training hard to battle the insurgents. In addition to updating the count of Talib casualties, it also from time to time, shares pictures and videos of global protests held in honour of…

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    And so it Begins

    Kabul [Afghanistan], August 28 (ANI): Heavy clashes are ongoing between Taliban and Resistance forces at Kapisa province, local media reported on Saturday. Heavy Taliban causalities have been reported in Kapisa province, the situation is still developing and unclear so far. According to local reports, the Taliban violated the ceasefire with Resistance Front, resulting in heavy casualties for the Taliban. Reports say the attack was on the borders of Panjshir province, prompting Resistance Front to launch a counter-attack and forcing the Taliban to pull back.

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    Ahmad Massoud, Man of the The Hour

    Every crisis reveals a leader; and so it is with Afghanistan. The chaos, anguish and incompetence in Kabul are sweeping away a century of American leadership like a tide going back out to sea. What value are modern instruments of war in the hands of woke innocents who can’t even organize a dignified retreat, much less a victorious national revival? Not much. As the tide goes out, the true leaders of Afghanistan are revealed, most notably Ahmad Massoud, the 32-year old son of the the “Lion of Panjshir,” Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Here he is, looking energetic and competent, boarding a former Afghan Air Force helicopter, along with Amrullah Saleh,…

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    Famous British Defeats of WWII

    Italian Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano is credited with writing in his diary, “victory finds a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” With that in mind, let’s see if we can find fathers for some of the British defeats in the Second World War. My first example is the largest, the diplomatic blunder of the British alliance with Poland first mooted in Parliament by Neville Chamberlain 31 March 1939 and signed on the 25 of August. This insane move by the British Prime Minister threw his country into a world war it could not win by itself and consigned the Polish people to 50 years of servitude. A far…