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The Elites Want Nuclear War

I realize that’s a hard headline to believe; I have trouble believing it myself. Unfortunately, indications are piling up that point in only one direction: a large number of influential people think nuclear war would be a good thing.

No, I’m not talking about the Russians or the leaders of the Communist Party of China, even though they would be unwilling assistants to the general catastrophe. Russia wants the Ukraine back, and China wants Taiwan, but neither is contemplating nuclear war to get them.

To understand the growing consensus among our political, cultural, business and military leaders you first have to disabuse yourself of two ideas you have long held to be true: a) that everyone would die in a nuclear exchange, and b) no country would take the risk of losing most of its population.

On the first point our belief in mutual destruction is mostly based on decades of propaganda that said a nuclear exchange would wipe out life on this planet. In fact, while devastating at ground zero, even a very large bomb blows away just as quickly and completely as does a hurricane. Yes, radiation is left downwind for decades or generations, but nature comes roaring back, just as it does after a forest fire.

nuclear fallout after attack on strategic targets

A look at the fallout pattern of an attack on strategic targets in the United States, produced by a major study at Princeton University, shows how much of the country would not be affected. It’s quite a lot, including much of the south and most of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.

For people who have prepared themselves, or positioned themselves, nuclear war would be an inconvenience, not a disaster or a tragedy. More on that later.

But, you say, the tremendous uplifting of particulate matter into the atmosphere would result in a nuclear winter lasting years, cooling world temperatures by several degrees and killing millions of people due to crop failure. Very true, but what if both the death toll and the lower temperature were the desired goals? What if some people wanted to cut the world population and lower the temperature? What then?

Indeed, if you correlate the goals of Agenda21 with the outcome from a Nuclear winter scenario, you’ll find they are exactly the same. Millions of people in Russia, America and China would die, the skies around the world would darken and the temperature everywhere would go down. Only those positioned in Central America, the Pacific Islands and elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere would see any sunshine for a very long time. Only those with access to long-distance private jets would be able to get to radioactive cool spots. Only those who had earlier built protective bunkers with air and water filtration systems would be certain to survive.

Who are these people? Are they not the same people who gather at the World Economic Forum, Group of Seven, Bilderberg meetings and other soirées for the high and mighty and the rich and famous? Have they not, time after time, called for less industrial production, less CO2, less damage to the environment, and yes, fewer people? Are these not the same people warning that human activity is going to boil the planet in its own juice? Of course they are.

And isn’t a nuclear exchange, followed by a three-year long nuclear winter, just the thing to achieve their goals to an amazing exactness?

If the population of the world were cut by a third, wouldn’t CO2 levels fall dramatically? Wouldn’t industrial production fall dramatically? Wouldn’t the “rewilding” of the world begin almost at once?

Think what a pleasure it would be for you to land your Global Express at a disused airport and be able to tool around the empty streets in your Bentley. Would you not think you were the King of the World, along with your Billionaire friends?

After a suitable interval of years, all the bodies would be returned to the soil (thanks to nature) and you’d be left with the buildings. Save a few―some nuclear power plants―demolish the rest. Enjoy the view over your new parklands and forests.

the future?

That huge herd in the distance is made up of American bison. It’s really quite restful watching them graze, isn’t it. Maybe I’ll have another gin and tonic.

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    “Only those positioned in Central America, the Pacific Islands and elsewhere out of the jet stream (New Zealand?) would see any sunshine for a very long time.” –Curious. After years of dithering, I’ve finally got down to learning Spanish (after several other languages). Some Levothyroxine pills (originally for a thyroid problem) from the doctor put me on high-octane. Some guardian spirit must have plans for me. In any case, adding a language is good insurance for the days to come.

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