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How Globalists will Move People off the Land

If you’ve ever read about Agenda-21―the plan to depopulate much of Europe and North America―you’ve probably wondered how Globalists would do it. Now I know, and in a few minutes you will too.

The key development, assuming they don’t go for the nuclear option, will be to abolish traditional agriculture, specifically the farming of domestic animals: buffalo, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys and chickens. The way they’re going to do it is with laboratory-grown meat, now relabeled “cultured,” “cultivated,” or “clean” meat.

It’s like a stampede. In 2020, investors poured more than $1.2 billion into startups around the world working on cell-cultured meat according to Crunchbase news. Big meat companies, including Tyson and Cargill, are investing in the technology, and the USDA is awarding $10 million over the course of five years to Tufts University to establish the National Institute for Cellular Agriculture, a cultivated protein research center.

It was after reading this article at the Humane League that it all snapped into focus. Their basic pitch is simple.

Lab-grown meat has the potential to spare millions of animals from lifetimes of suffering and inhumane deaths in factory farms.

That still may not ring a bell, so I’ll quote the next sentence.

70 billion land animals, and possibly trillions of marine animals, are killed for human consumption each year. A majority of these animals are raised in factory farms, where they experience brutal forms of abuse in severely overcrowded and putrid conditions for the entirety of their short lives.

Do you see where this is going? Lab-grown meat will end the suffering of the “majority” of animals, who, the article says, are raised in factory farms.

This is a classic “straw man” argument, and it’s also wrong. The majority of farm animals are raised on ordinary farms and eat grass, hay, grain or scraps. A major Canadian food company A&W Canada even advertises it only sells “grass fed” beef.

A&W’s grass fed beef

So, no, the public isn’t going to end cruelty to animals by switching to “clean” meat, what it’s going to do is to end family farming in Europe, Canada and America. Rest assured this won’t do anything to farming in China, South East Asia, India, the Middle East or Africa, but it will end family farming in the West. And family farming is the basis of rural communities, and indeed, of the countryside in general. End the meat part of farming and you end small scale farming itself.

When a family can no longer farm the land, they will move to the cities where they can get jobs. Giant corporations will take over the farm acreages, knock down the barns and farm houses, and plant corn for bio-fuel. Or at lest, that’s what’s happened so far as small towns have disappeared all over Canada and America.

But that’s not the plan for the future as laid out in Agenda 21. Under this plan, large portions of America and Europe will be returned to the wild, a process known as “rewilding.” Instead of family farms and corporate farms, there will be no farms. It’ll all be wild country, with wild animals, birds, fields and forests, and wildflowers.

The people, meanwhile will be in city apartment blocks of 800 sq. ft., using public transit, rental electric cars and bicycles when they want to go out. Going to or through the new large wild areas will be by some kind of permit system which most will not be able to get.

So, lab-grown meat is really the end of our democracy, the end of personal freedom, the end of life on this planet as its been know since we domesticated wild animals tens of thousands of years ago.

You have a choice; enjoy enslavement, or rebel, now.

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