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Germany Must be Rescued from History

A pervasive miasma of self-loathing is seeping across the West like poison gas; a feeling white people are responsible for all the troubles of the world. You can see evidence of it everywhere, particularly in Sweden, Norway and Germany where dark-skinned economic migrants are welcomed with open arms and legs.

Eight years ago a Swedish comedy show, Grotesco, showed a miscegenation video with a white girl having sex with a black immigrant over the slogan “Mix it up!” It was supposed to be humour based on exaggeration. Today, American television has mixed couples in bed as a matter of course.

Even pictures of happy white families are criticized as showing “white privilege” or even “white supremacism.” What’s disheartening is not that whites are being attacked—nothing new there—but that they’re not fighting back. Many, perhaps most, whites now believe our time has passed, and it’s time for other peoples, other races to take the lead. All of which leads to the question, ‘what happened?’

Some observers blame feminism. Certainly Angela Merkel and Theresa May have done their part to weaken Europe as have the millions of European women who have refused motherhood and marriage. They’ve also blamed the secularization of society, the turning away from religion. And they have blamed Cultural Marxism which has been trying to tear down the nuclear family from before the nuclear age.

Somehow, none of these explanations quite hits the mark. I have another theory: German guilt, or rather our elaboration of wartime propaganda which blames, Germany, the heart of Europe for being irredeemably flawed. This anti-German rhetoric has been spread around the world by survivors of the German slave-labour system. We believed them, blamed the Germans for genocide and began erecting Museums pushing the idea of the Holocaust.

Since both the English (Anglo-Saxons), and French (the Franks) are closely related to their German ancestors, the accusations of crimes against humanity have now reflected back on the very people who put an end to National-Socialist Germany. The victors have become victimized by association with the vanquished.

In eleven earlier posts, I made the point that most of what we think of as German guilt is based on false news, Allied propaganda that’s been printed in history books and carved into stone monuments.

What we need to do to save ourselves, is to save Germany from the history we’ve given it. We have to take Germany to the car wash to rise away all the crap we’ve thrown at it for a century. Only when Germany recovers will the West recover. Nothing else will work; nothing else is enough.

It’s time we started this process.

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