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Canadian Left Threatens New Political Party

An obscure left-wing organization, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, is publicly threatening to name and shame the 250 Canadians who confirmed they are supporting the registration of the Canadian Nationalist Party at Elections Canada.

Evan Balgord, Executive Director of the organization, which is funded by the Southern Poverty Law Center, issued an incendiary statement July 10 that calls for these individuals to be harassed at home and fired at work. Here’s part of what he demanded:

“The Canadian Anti-Hate Network will publish the names of 250 members of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party if they are successful in becoming a registered political party. We plan to publish these names and their cities of residence as soon as they become public, and will encourage local media to run stories naming neo-Nazi supporters in their communities . . .

“This kind of naming and shaming is part of our mandate of exposing hate groups to make sure communities are well-informed, and to ensure that there are significant, nonviolent social consequences for supporting hate groups.”

The Nationalist Party has responded to this outrage by launching an immediate formal complaint to Elections Canada:

The Canadian Nationalist Party is today making a formal complaint to Elections Canada regarding the act of sabotage directed toward their campaign on behalf of the so-called “Canadian Anti-Hate Network”. The nature of the complaint is based on their public intention to unlawfully seize personal information of our electorate in order to procure social and potentially physical harm to our membership electors in a bid to encourage “cancellations” with our current application for 43rd Federal Election eligibility.

At Fair Argument we’ve run into Evan Balgord once before. Earlier this year he claimed in a statement that ex-University of New Brunswick Professor Ricardo Duchesne was “part of the alt-right neo-Nazi movement.” As a result, we listed him among those individuals currently attacking free speech in Canada.

Clearly Balgord now wants to expand his successful effort to fire a tenured professor to hundreds of other Canadians trying to exercise their democratic rights. Patriotic Canadians need to rise up and stop him.

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