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Progressive Thinking Claims Another Victim

The woman pictured is 43-year old Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali-born Canadian who went back home to prove Somalia is a beautiful place and to tell “uplifting” stories.

Just last week she posted pictures showing how much fun she was having in Kismayo and the neighboring island of Ilisi.

One of Nalayeh’s Twitter followers praised her for “countering the doom narrative propagated by many about Somalia.”

Two days later al-Shabaab terrorists attacked the Asasey Hotel in Kismayo and killed Hodan, who was pregnant, her husband Farid Jama Suleiman, and 24 other people.

The reaction in Canada was utterly predictable. The left-leaning CBC said she was a beloved journalist who was trying to change the was Somali youth in Canada see the country.

“A lot of our youth in our community lack identity in terms of who they are because we’ve been through a civil war as a country and many of us don’t know our heritage,” she said in an interview some years ago on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning

A similar narrative was published in the Washington Post:

Hodan Nalayeh spent the last days of her life doing what she loved most: sharing a side of Somalia rarely depicted in the West. She was doing what she loved.”

Her blood, and that of her dead baby, tell another story. Certainly they tell the truth Hodan was trying to dispel; that Somalia is a hell-hole of violence, feuding and intimidation. But more important to us in Canada is what her death tells of Canada.

Hodan was essentially a Canadian, brought up in the Canadian school system. She believed in the progressive narrative that race is a social construct and that most people are sweet and reasonable if you approach them with love and understanding.

She put her life, her husband’s life and her child’s life on the line to prove that point.

What she actually proved was that progressive thinking is a dream, it’s not part of reality and it can get you killed. Would that every little girl in every school in Canada would get the message that Somalis kill each other and foreigners routinely, whether you’re nice or not.

That’s not the message they’ll get. They’re going to be told she was a hero and others should follow in her footsteps. Right now there are probably a dozen young girls in Canada vowing to follow her lead.

They’ll die too.

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