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The Germany You Never Knew

Have a look at these women featured on the cover of the German magazine The Young Lady sometime in the 1930’s. Besides being very pretty, they’re also very typical of women on magazine covers in Britain and America at the same time. To add to the experience, listen to the music of the era these women would have been dancing to.

Then, if you can stomach it, consider that we tried for five years to kill them in their homes and offices with bombs from the air, and that those who survived were raped and killed on the ground by Russian troops, our rapacious temporary allies.

We’ve covered up our guilt for these atrocities with the most successful propaganda campaign ever launched by anyone against anything. Germans have been pictured as homicidal psychopaths bent on genocide. It’s been so successful, most of us believe the Allies were on the side of truth and justice and the Germans were in league with the Devil.

The inconvenient fact that the war was started by a man dying of cancer over a bizarre guarantee to a military dictatorship based on bullying from an aristocratic drunk in the pay of a secret political action committee is hardly known and, apparently, easily forgotten.

Indeed, for the Anglo-Saxon nations to characterize their Saxon homeland as an aggressor when they, themselves, had sliced off parts of Germany twenty years earlier, and had backed the new occupiers with a military guarantee; well it was a bit much even then.

Now eighty years have passed, almost everyone involved has died, all the history books have been written. Now, maybe, it’s time we had a look at our own assumptions to find which are based on allied propaganda and which are the suppressed facts.

It will be a strange journey, like one to the far side of the moon, exploring the Germany You Never Knew, but I’ll suggest a roadmap. Let’s start with the British Communist, homosexual and author, Christopher Isherwood.

He was in the thick of it, in Berlin, in 1933.

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