Across Canada, in Britain, in Australia, in the U.S., conservative individuals are under attack by leftist agitators, ideologues, and social justice warriors for expressing their opinions. These social media lynch mobs use “weaponized words,” email campaigns and flash mobs to deplatform, de-monitize, and destroy people they don’t like.

The current crop of weaponized words include “racist,” “right-wing,” “alt-right,” “nativist,” “populist,” “nationalist,” “white supremicist,” “fascist,” and even “NAZI.” When you start hearing people shouting these words, you know someone is under attack.

Here, for example, is what one professor at the University of New Brunswick, Matthew Sears, wrote about a colleague, Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, who he repeatedly criticized:

“We should name every white supremacist. Name every writer, blogger, YouTuber, and politician that inspires them. Plaster their faces in public. Fire them from their jobs. Hound them from restaurants. Expose them and those that fuel them for the hateful pathetic wretches they are …

And that includes every vile little shi*lord in a campus ‘free speech’ club who spends his time platforming white supremacist trolls under the banner of ‘free speech,’ and every grifting liar that goes on about campus ‘censorship’ and the ‘marketplace of ideas.’”

Here at Northern, we plan to monitor groups and individuals who say these kinds of things so you can see what’s going on. Inciting people to violence can get dangerous pretty quickly. Free speech, it turns out, isn’t free at all; it’s under attack right across the West.

We’re going to show, just how bad it is; and how important it is for you to get involved in fighting back. We’re also going to exercise our right to free speech. If you’d like to join us, email us through our Contact page.